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1957 Chevy Car Furniture'Ride Restorations' is a proud subsidiary of 'Classic Couches', the leader in Car Furniture. We invite you to visit sweetsofas.com to learn more about the amazing Automotive Furniture projects. Both 'Ride Restorations' and 'Classic Couches' share the same location in Chadwick, IL and 1957 Chevy Car Sofaare staffed by the same artisans. The product line offers a range of products from Car Couches, Car Desks, Car Bars, Car Point of Purchase, Car Diner Booths, and fully custom car furniture projects to suit your needs. The sweetsofas.com website is an interactive platform that will allow you to browse past car furniture projects, current inventory, as well as, learn about the automotive furniture design process. As you read through the website remember, all of our car furniture is built from original automobiles, not reproductions.

The 'Classic Couches' product line was created in 1982 with the first design of, what we now know as a car couch. The first car couch, a Buick, was offered for sale 1957 Chevy Car Couchat a popular meet in Carlisle, PA. and was the hit of the show. The creator was excited about the prospect of building a car furniture company to supply the worlds needs, what he didn't know is just how much fun it would be. The early years were spent offering car couches for sale from a small modest building on the outskirts of a small town. Marketing was direct to the masses at car shows, swap meets, and festivals nation wide.

When the car furniture product line grew from just car couches to encompass, about any type of furniture you can find in a home or office, the crew needed more space. The new oasis for custom car Mustang Car Furiturefurniture was built on the now infamous location at 624 N. Main St. in Chadwick, IL.  In fact, 'Classic Couches' is still building auto furniture in that property. Although, we do not offer a full size show room... We do cordially invite you to visit us anytime, you can expect to see car furniture in nearly every stage and learn about the entire process from start to finish. You'll be treated to a tour showing all the greats; Car Couches, Car Office Desks, Car Diner Booths, Car Bars, Car Décor, and many more custom Car Furniture projects.

'Classic Couches' Car furniture, sweetsofas.com  has been used at countless amusement parks, retro diners, museums, casinos, car collections, and homes. Whether it's restoring a full size car and placing an accessible diner booth in the interior or a simple restored car part to use as décor we are proud to offer a diverse line of furniture that can be used in just about any setting. The keystone of our business has always been, and always will be, restoring cars to their showroom new condition with seemingly endless restoration.

You might find yourself asking if 'Classic Couches' sweetsofas.com and 'Ride Restorations' riderestorations.com can restore your item, even though it might not be car furniture or a coin op kiddie ride! The simple answer is yes, although we specialize in automotive furniture and arcade rides we can accommodate your needs.  We have restored just about every type of antique and memorabilia over the past 3 decades. Whether you need car furniture, a coin op kiddie ride, or want to talk to us about a special project please don't hesitate to give us a call or text at (815) 684-5310 email us at or or stop by and visit our shop at 624 N. Main St. Chadwick, IL. 61014.

We look forward to hearing from you!