Kiddie Rides Now Available

A kiddie ride - kids' ride - is a coin-operated amusement ride for small children. Ride Restorations Kiddie rides are restored to original condition or we can restore any item to your preference.  We can activate your Kiddie Ride by a coin, or simply with a button. Most rides include sounds and music, and some feature flashing lights, pedals, and buttons. Commercial kiddie rides often use simple but colorful equipment, with the driving mechanism usually hidden under vacuum formed plastic covers.

Australian coin operated kiddie ride
The Australian deluxe is a unique rocket having relatively small dimensions originally to accommodate narrow sidewalks, now convienently fits in small spaces in home and collection. Ride restorations did extensive service to finish prior amateur restorati

Cord 810/812 Coffin Nose Kids Pedal Car
Childs sized Cord 810/812 Coffin Nose Pedal Car. Elaborate metal body work hand built. Ready for full restoration by 'Ride Restorations'.

Superman Coin Op Kiddie Ride
Original Superman Coin Op Kiddie Ride, Ultra rare low production item. Currently, undergoing a complete restoration by 'Ride Restorations'. Available for delivery February 2016.

Murray atomic missle pedal car for sale
Murray atomic missle pedal car, ready for a full restoration by Ride Restorations.

pedal car accessories
Murray custom pedal car restoration with vintage accessories, including: Chrome continental kit, extendable antenna, side mirror, Diner trey with food, junior Jack, seat upholstery, steering wheel tag, and more

Rocket Patrol Coin Op Kiddie Ride Restoration
1950's Rocket Patrol, coin operated kiddie ride rocket. We have 4 of these to choose from. Both Rocket Patrol and Lun-a-Ride style nose and tail combinations. Unique production ride built on a Aircraft wing mounted fuel tank.

Edwin Hall coin operated kiddie ride rocket
Edwin Hall rocket from the UK with great patina. Enjoy as is or have Ride Restorations restore it for you

Deco Space Ranger Coin Operated Kiddie Ride Restoration
Manufactured by Deco and sold under the name 'Space Ranger'. This is a pneumatic operated machine, the base contains an air pump and actuators. Ready for a full restoration by 'Ride Restorations'.

Coin Op Kiddie Ride Sea Skate Boat
1953 Exhibit supply co. 'Sea Skate' Boat. In unrestored original condition. Ready for complete restoration by 'Ride Restorations'

Autopede Carnival Ride Tank
1950's Autopede Carnival Ride Tank. One of only a handful imported into the USA. Very ornate and rare handmade metal body with guns. Ready for complete restorations by 'Ride Restorations'

Rocket ride for sale
Original turn table rocket ride. Ready to be restored into a coin op kiddie ride, floor level decor, or hanging display

Indoor Amusement Roller Coaster Kiddie Ride Restoration
1957 Route 66 theme indoor roller coaster. Includes car, docking station, track, fencing, gate, and electrical. For sale 'as is' or in any level of restoration. Currently set for the car to travel the track twice while playing vintage music and lights fla

1940's American Carnival Ride
1940's carnival ride rocket. Display this one with its great patina as is or have ride restorations restore it for you!

murray pedal car restoration and parts
murray champion 'dip side' pedal car refurbished by